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Getting ANNOYED.

2008-09-19 22:13:45 by Shmoil

Well, as I have mentioned already in what seemed like a half-high moment of mentally insane ecstasy, I finally have Macromedia Flash 8. Problem is, I know nothing about it. Period. I am looking for free online lessons, but the best one I have found so far is... confusing, to say the least. And long. Really just very annoying. So, to anyone who thought my comments on movies were worthwhile and came to see if I had any movies, I'm working on it. Just don't hold your breath.


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2008-09-19 22:18:37

I made a wuzzles movie

everyone hated it lol

Shmoil responds:

What was it about?


2008-09-19 22:36:45

alright cool

what're the movies you're working on about?

anyway, feel free to hit me up with q's on flash if you have them

Shmoil responds:

Hey thanks. I'm working on the artwork and a script for a movie, and also just letting random ideas pop into my head. The script is about a person with a flat head who is discriminated against--not the most original idea of all time, but I bet I can make it meaningful. Thanks for the offer as well, I'll PM you if I need help.


2008-09-20 14:04:47

The movie was about wuzzles and his love for all of you.

(Updated ) Shmoil responds:

Lol. Hey, even though that's funny, please try not to turn this into a parody of your homepage...


2008-09-20 23:41:57

You don't want me to do what now?

What the fuck man

Wuzzles loves the shit out of you, and you tell him to not to.


Shmoil responds:

No, I did NOT say that. What I meant was not to flood the page with "Wuzzles loves you" like you did at your homepage.


2008-09-21 17:03:30

Do what? I say it to three or four people and you qualify that as flooding? Flooding would be the same thing over and over again, on my current post I only tell the poster that I love them when I can't think up something funny to say. When I flood (or spam if you will), I usually post some obscure political document like some old Virginia charter around 400 times, and that's only to people I don't like.

Saying I love you means just that.

(Updated ) Shmoil responds:

lol. Okay, I don't care. I'm just being a jackass.


2008-09-22 16:10:23

I'm sorry.

Shmoil responds:

For what?