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2008-10-09 16:31:12 by Shmoil

I'm leaving Newgrounds, or at least this account is. I am not telling ANYBODY what my new account shall be called, or any other info about it. I did some things I am not proud of with this account, such as communicating with Wuzzles (no offence, but it was inappropriate). Some of these actions have rendered my ability to submit things useless. I am starting a new account, and I am sticking to the rules with this new one. It is sad for me to have to leave all of my reviews and go back down to level 1, as well as the fact that I have to leave Bouncing Beats behind, but I deserve this becaue of my actions. Goodbye, and thank you to those who helped along this account's short life.

P.S. I may log on occasionally with this account.

P.S.S. To those who happen to find both this and my new account, I may drop hints that we are one and the same. It's going to take some real detective work, though.

Oh yeah, and don't bother using PM.



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